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Critical Path Software, Inc.

Mainframe Cost Reduction Specialists

                                                  Critical Path Software, Inc. is an IBM Business Partner 
                                     Creator of the industry’s most powerful and unique system optimization tools.   

We developed TurboTune , our proprietary analysis software, to maximize mainframe performance  — significantly improving system performance and dramatically affecting your bottom line.  CPSI’s extensive experience in developing performance methodologies is many levels above what any other company in the nation can claim.  Our services yield real solutions.  Our expertise is unmatched and our results are guaranteed!!!!!!   

TurboTune 2015
An IBM  Business Partner

Improve Performance and Reduce Cost
Reduce Mainframe (MLC) software pricing

A Free Demo using your data
Only pay for MIPS saved
No Savings - No Fee
We share the Risk and the reward

Send your Mainframe statistical data to the cloud for analysis and get back cost saving and performance improving adjustments that will cut your Mainframe operational costs and greatly improve processing speed.  TurboTune supports all mainframes.

TurboTune is effective on z13, z12, z196's, z/OS, MVS, VM, zVSE, all IBM Mainframe Operating Systems, DB2, IMS, CICS,  all Databases and Vendor Software.  It works great with RLS and Striping.  TurboTune is a system of programs that perform comparisons of the client's Mainframe Computer settings, parameters and attributes against an expert best of breed database and predicts the highest improvement possible to I/O, CPU, EXCPs, Response Time, Run Time, DASD, CACHE and System Overhead.  The improvements reduce the cost of processing and improve the speed of Mainframe Applications.  Use TurboTune to save thousands of employee hours doing performance tuning and speed development cycles.  TurboTune runs in the Cloud, on Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Mainframes.  Available for licensing or as a Service.

Optimize your business. CPSI will show you how.