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Critical Path Software, Inc.

Mainframe Cost Reduction Specialists

                                                  Critical Path Software, Inc. is an IBM Business Partner 
                                    Creator of the industry’s most powerful and unique system optimization tools.  

We developed TurboTune, our proprietary analysis software, to maximize mainframe performance  — significantly improving system performance and dramatically affecting your bottom line.  CPSI’s extensive experience in developing performance methodologies is many levels above what any other company in the nation can claim.  Our services yield real solutions.  Our expertise is unmatched and our results are guaranteed!!!!!!   

All of the following have been accomplished with our analysis tools.

Reduce your Mainframe Costs and increase your business Productivity.
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CPU Reduction in Systems and Applications
DASD Performance Tuning for Speed and Cost Savings
Performance Tuning for MIP reduction and upgrade delay
Reducing MSU's consumption for Online and Batch
DB2 System File Performance Tuning
DB2 Internals and Systems Performance Tuning
IMS System and Data Files Run Time reduction
CICS Peak Load Response Time Performance Tuning
CICS LSR Buffer Pool Performance Tuning
CICS Look-a-side Hit Ratio Tuning
Batch SLA Windows improvement
Record Level Sharing and Striping Improvement
VSAM Performance Tuning
VSAM Freespace Tuning
VSAM Record Management Analysis and Improvement
I/O Subsystem Performance Tuning
JCL Performance Tuning
Legacy Application Tuning
Alternate Utilities Cost Saving Analysis
File Buffering Analysis and Improvement
Work Flow Re-engineering
Vendor Software Removal Analysis and License Fee Savings

We are effective in all OS/390, Z/OS, MVS, VM, VSE environments and we should be called on to assist in any IBM Hardware Upgrade Investigation. Chances are you won't need one!

Optimize your business. CPSI will show you how.

Increase your ROI through Remote Monitoring and Performance Tuning of Data Center Critical Files including I/O Activity Monitoring, Data Gathering, Improvement Implementation, Testing and move to Production provided by our business partner - Remote Consulting - USA

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